Mattress Rolling Device

Mattress springs are designed to hold their shape - they resist being bent and bounce back into the shape of a mattress if you don't or can't keep the pressure on them. I use trampoline springs to hold them in place then apply heat with a torch to the bent areas in order to force them to take on the new shape. This process is very physically demanding and is exhausting so I came up with a design for a device to help make the process less physical. I will have University of Arizona engineering students help with that design or totally redesign it and make a working prototype. I submitted a proposal to UofA engineering and it has been accepted. Now it's time to raise the funds necessary to make this device a reality.

Please cut and paste the link into your browser to donate some money OR click on link next to the link that led you to this explanation. The link will take you to my gofundme page. THANK YOU!

Feature 1

This is the type of piece I can make with the rolled mattresses

Feature 2

This is 9, twin mattress spring units, rolled and cinched together.

Rolled mattresses could be used similar to the once popular toy, "Lincoln Logs" - of course, finding ways to tidy up the ends! 'Logs' are simply resting on one another as a trial run to see what it might look like to construct with them.

Feature 3

Then I take those 9 rolled mattress spring units, braid them and paint them. This particular piece is 16' long and weighs about 300lbs!